Home security systems, home security camera systems and home alarm systems are some of the technological innovations that have been produced to ensure security at home is boosted. This is vital especially to your family and the many valuables that you have accumulated over the years. Some of these valuables may include jewelry, paintings, large flat screen TV, sensitive documents and antiques among others. The systems help in performing home security monitoring well.

When it comes to children safety, the systems do play a vital role but not wholesome. Your children spend most of their day either in school or outside playing with other children in the neighborhood. Your attention on them cannot be guaranteed 100% because you may be busy with one or more things from time to time.

It is vital to teach your children the following tips below so that they can get to learn how to protect themselves while you are not nearby.

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Inform them about strangers

The main question that needs to be answered when you start this conversation is who is a stranger? It is vital to fully inform your children who a stranger is first before continuing. You can start by defining a stranger as an individual you or your other family members have no affiliation with. Strangers come dressed in nice clothes or even in work uniform. You can elaborate further by informing them why a mailman or a contractor or policeman is a stranger.

The rules below if followed by your children carefully can help protect them against strangers.

  • They should never accept anything such as candy or money from strangers.
  • They should never speak to strangers unless you are present there.
  • They should never accept a ride either to school, the mall or to a friend’s home from a stranger.
  • They should stay away from strangers who try to ask for directions.
  • They should never give out their names or home location.
  • They should never inform a stranger at the door that they are home alone. They should always inform the stranger to leave a message because mom and dad are busy.
  • They should scream or run away from a stranger who tries to grab them. They should report it to the parent who will take the appropriate action.

The tips below should help your child to answer the door correctly when at home.

    1. First, they should never open the door for strangers.
    1. Secondly, if a stranger knocks or rings the door bell, the children should either peep slightly through the window or ask who is at the door. If it is someone unfamiliar, they should refer to rule one.
    1. Thirdly, if you are busy, your children should take a message and inform the person that both of you are busy. They should never open the door while doing so.
    1. Teach your children to dial 911 in case a stranger tries to force their way in and they are scared.

Now that your children have learned how to respond to strangers while outside the house and also inside the house, below are tips for answering the phone appropriately in case they are alone.

  1. First, your children should never divulge any information. When a caller rings, they should never say who they are or say they are alone.
  2. Secondly, they should never tell the caller that they are alone. They should inform the caller that the parents are busy and should call some other time.
  3. Thirdly, they should hang up immediately if the caller makes them uncomfortable or scared with different requests. They should inform you about the call when you arrive.
  4. Fourthly, purchase an answering machine and instruct your children not to pick any calls when you are away.

Finally, while outside they need to be street smart in order to be safe. Below are tips that children need to practice in order to be street smart.

  1. First, they should always walk in a small group of friends.
  2. Secondly, if they detect they are in danger, they should run towards safety that is back to school or nearest store or scream for help.
  3. Thirdly, as parents you need to practice with your children to follow a safe route from home to school.

Lastly, they should never diverge from the safe route into shortcuts and other routes. They should avoid hitchhiking with strangers.